Everything Has Consequences

Liberals are thinking that they are on a new road for our country, and they are probably right, but while they most likely will be passing the largest piece of legislation in American history, there are ramifications for their actions.

1. The battle for Obamacare will always leave a bad taste in the mouths of conservatives. It’s a battle not to be forgotten too soon. If Americans complained about derision in Congress, they’ve seen nothing yet. The liberals played dirty to get this bill passed and it’ll be lucky if they get bi-partisan support on anything else.

2. There will be political consequences for those who voted for the health care bill. Those running in 2010 have to be thinking how they can “make this up” to their constituents. Those Senators not up for re-election until 2012 are hoping Americans will have Alzheimer’s at that point. Don’t bet on it.

3. Since no Senator or Congressman has read the bill, they’ll be in for a lot of surprises when those “ittybitty” line items suddenly become their nightmare. And you’ll hear a collective “we voted for that” will resonate across the land. And guess what? Harry Reid has placed in the bill a section where the bill can’t be amended. Be careful what you wish for, folks. It’s going to end up biting you in the butt.

4. The liberals are probably going to be happy that the brunt of this bill won’t be enacted until 2014. That’s when the mechanics of it will be seen and they’ll be a lot of ticked off constitents banging at the doors of Congress, in fact angry constituents, when they realize that the whole mess of people have been thrown into the Public Option by employers. Unless Congress taxes every citizen at 100% (don’t get any crazy ideas) this amount of people would teeter our economy on bankruptcy, if not into a full depression.

And be very sure that this is not the end of the bombshells created by Obama. My friends, this is only the beginning


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