Senate Approves Cloture Vote 60-40

The Senate has cleared the second hurdle  in their drive to pass the most harmfull bill ever to exist. There are three more steps before the bill becomes law. The vote was made at 1 am allowing for the GOP to have 30 hours to fillibuster. 30 hours started right at 1 am, knowing full well that most of that time would be when no one would be in the chambers being that now it was the wee hours of the morning and everyone was dog tired from debating the bill all that Sunday. The delegates had been debating the bill all week when normally they would have been on Christmas vacation.

Do the Republicans have a chance of killing the Obamacare bill? Hard to say. There are those on the left who are angry that the public option is off the table and there are those on the right who are angry that abortion would be paid by tax payers.

Republican voters need to inundate the capital with phone calls to their respective congressmen.


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